Security Floor Treatment

Control Food Safety Risks from Floors & Drains with Security Floor Treatment from Highland Fresh Technologies

Highland Fresh is pleased to feature the premiere, patented, floor treatment product for use in packinghouses and food processing facilities. Use Security Floor Treatment in entryways, either directly on the floor or in mats to treat shoes without the hassles and slip concerns associated with liquid products. It can be used in and around floor drains to provide a persistent treatment in high risk areas in need of special attention.

Biodegradable, and highly effective, use Security Floor Treatment in entryways, drains, and any high traffic areas to address cross contamination concerns in your food safety program.
Whether you are currently implementing a new floor, drain, or entryway treatment program, or you are searching for something better than the slippery liquid products you are used to, Security Floor Treatment is the user friendly, hassle free product you want to rely on to address cross contamination risks from floors and drains.


  • Foot traffic barrier protects against cross contamination
  • Not corrosive to floors like acid cleaners that etch and degrade concrete surfaces
  • No offensive smell
  • Effective on wet and dry surfaces
  • Effective on clean and soiled surfaces
  • 100% water soluble; simply rinse away at the end of the shift
  • Biodegradable
  • Contains no quaternary ammonia compounds
  • Dry product eliminates the slip and fall hazard from shoe baths and entryway foam products
  • Does not harden or clump up over time; remains a loose granular product during storage and use
  • Easy to use; apply directly to floors and drains, or apply in entryway mats
  • Available in a 400 lb drum